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Tourisme Ville de Saguenay

Saguenay Film Commission is the front door to all your requests. Take advantage of our knowledge of Saguenay’s various locations and resources, as well as our support every step of the way.

  • Photo library of Saguenay locations;
  • Personalized digital portfolio specifically tailored according to your scripts;
  • Scouting;
  • Introductory Tour;
  • Coordination efforts with municipal services : permits, licences, equipment renting, street closures, etc.;
  • Help with contacting the regional film workforce;
  • Help in connecting with the local citizens, enterprises and stores in the various filming locations;
  • A reliable on-site resource designed to meet your needs.

Saguenay Film Commission works in collaboration with the Quebec Film and Television Council (QFTC), which offers various complementary services concerning tax credits, working visas, customs for your equipment, etc.